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LibRT works with a network of freelancers and partners that are highly specialized to offer the best quality of services possible. Silvie Spreeuwenberg is as founding director always the end-responsible for all our projects.

Silvie Spreeuwenberg
Silvie SpreeuwenbergFounding director
I started LibRT in 1998 with the wish of combining research, consulting, and product development. The focus of my work is connecting policy and execution in an agile environment where the business or subject-matter expert is in control.
Margherita Boekenoogen
Margherita BoekenoogenFreelance partner consultant
I work as bpm architect and knowledge analyst. This combination allows me to sketch the larger picture while working on the finer details. When I collaborate with LibRT I work out the specifics, using my deep knowledge of business-rules technology.
Charlotte Bouvy
Charlotte BouvyFreelance partner consultant
I work as an architect and believe a rule architecture should be part of any organizations agenda. The last decade I have setup software development teams to work in an agile environment with continuous rule updates. I my projects with Silvie I like to get the details right.
Rolf Krikke
Rolf KrikkeTraffic engineer
I developed the rule-based approach to traffic management together with Silvie Spreeuwenberg. It is a pleasure to work with Silvie in order to make sure the final methodology is sound, complete, and consistent. We continu to work together to improve capacity related problems.


Part of my goal is to share my knowledge and to inspire others with my work. This means I take the time to write for a variety of different media.

Silvie Spreeuwenberg is the specialist to optimize your decisions based on business rules and design an approach that guarentees compliance of your operational decisions with policy and regulations. Each company has conditions in place that help it achieve its goals. Many of these conditions can be automated, but in order to do that successfully, the rules need to be comprehensive and consistent. Therefore, each and every one must be very precise, and that is what business rules management is all about. Automate your decisions, make them smarter using big data and artificial intelligence and efficient using the internet of things as sensor or communicator. It is all connected. That is why Silvie is also an alround IT professional for working with rule engines, as information analist or system architect. She works as trainer, facilitator, speaker, consultant and project manager. Read more

We are the most effective partner to keep your operational decisions aligned with your police and vice-versa. LibRT has been helping businesses in Europe and North America assess and improve the quality of their decisions since 1998. Our goal is to enable our client’s business by supporting its professionals, improving productivity, and transferring skills. Each company has policies in place that help it achieve its goals. Many of these policies affect operational decisions. Many of these operational decisions are executed more efficiently and effectively when automated, but in order to do that successfully, the policy must be formalized. There are many ways to do so. Do you use a knowledge base, business rules, machine learning or other AI techniques? We are able to select the right set of technologies and help you to translate a policy or laws into Read more

Over standaarden wordt vaak honend gezegd: ‘jammer dat er zo veel zijn. Er zijn inderdaad veel standaarden in ons vakgebied en ik heb er zelf een bijdrage aan geleverd. Dat is leuk want de top in een vakgebied komt bij elkaar om zijn kennis te delen. Door je te verdiepen in hun resultaat kan je wel degelijk snel op hoger niveau komen, bovendien is er meer vertrouwen en begrip voor het resultaat. Wij zijn bekend met vele standaarden en kunnen daarom makkelijk aansluiten bij de werkwijze van uw organisatie. Daarnaast werken wij actief mee aan het ontwikkelen van standaarden specifiek voor het opstellen van bedrijfsregels. Denk hierbij aan SBVR, PRR, DMN en RuleSpeak. Zo kan ons werk op dezelfde wijze door anderen worden voortgezet. Onderstaand een lijst met specificatie standaarden waar wij veel mij werken met een korte toelichting en Read more

LibRT werkt voor verschillende soorten bedrijven in verschillende domeinen. Wat zij gemeen hebben is dat er 'iets' is wat de organisatie uniek maakt. Dat deel van het werk vormt het bestaansrecht van de organisatie en is waar wij ons op richten. Kennis bewaren Om een kennisintensief proces goed uit te kunnen voeren, moet alle benodigde kennis beschikbaar, actueel en volledig zijn. Bij veel organisaties zijn specificaties, ontwerp- beslissingen en afspraken verspreid over verschillende documenten. LibRT brengt alle kennis bij elkaar en zet deze om in eenduidige instructies of een ontwerp waar uw programmeurs, experts en testers direct mee aan de slag kunnen. Wat wij opleveren biedt u een consistent en compleet overzicht voor een fractie van de kosten die u gewend bent. Het ‘bewaren van uw kennis’ doet LibRT op basis van uw bestaande ontwerpdocumenten zoals functioneel ontwerp en use Read more

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Expert Partners Agree

“We organize anything, often it’s legislation. The resulting structure is a perfect basis to get the detailed knowledge right. That is when we collaborate with LibRT.”
Rosalie van Oostrom, Juris
“We have a long history in traffic management and projects related to infrastructure, but we managed to represent that detailed knowledge in a consistent framework with the help of LibRT and Silvie is an excellent presenter of the theory in our training.”
Rolf Krikke - Traffic engineer, Quovadits
“Silvie Spreeuwenberg is a top-notch columnist for the Business Rules Journal, an international ePublication read by tens of thousands of professionals world-wide. Silvie provides valuable insights on a regular basis, always grounded in theory and honed by hands-on application — a winning combination in anybody’s book.”