Below, is a summary of LibRT's Dutch website.
For more information (in English) regarding Silvie Spreeuwenberg’s training sessions, or to read any of her publications and/or columns, please visit her website.

Who we are
We are the most effective partner to keep your requirements in order. LibRT has been helping businesses in Europe and North America assess and improve the quality of their business rules since 1998. Our goal is to enable our client’s business by supporting its professionals, improving productivity, and transferring skills.
Each company has conditions in place that help it achieve its goals. Many of these conditions can be automated, but in order to do that successfully, the rules need to be comprehensive and consistent. Therefore, each and every one must be very precise, and that is what business rules management is all about.
The methodology that we develop and employ is used to improve requirements in software specifications, instructions for business workers, and transparency for policy compliance.

What we do
During the past 15 years, we have learnt that business people, such as IT specialists and subject matter experts, like to have very clear, precise and formal specifications in place.  With this in mind, LibRT concentrates on supporting the delivery of high quality business rules, with a particular focus on terminology. Having, and following, business rules is all well and good, but our experience has shown us that the highest cause of problems an organization faces when it comes to precise specifications and instructions is the terminology. Often, two or more words are being used to describe one thing, or one word is being used to describe several different things. Both situations can cause confusion amongst employees working together, and lead to costly results. In order to overcome this problem we believe it is important that a business’ terminology is clearly defined and that one uses the same wording and sentence patterns throughout. Therefore, we use RuleSpeak® as a standardized way of writing business rules and created a rule verification module called VALENS.

What we provide
We begin the process by interviewing employees to find out exactly what they want and to determine where the problems lie. We also gather any existing documentation and information regarding procedures the client may have. We work together with our client’s specialists to solve any inconsistencies and remove any redundant wording (such as homonyms and synonyms).
We then collate all the information gathered, and use the RuleXpress tool, which supports our business rules methodology, to define all the terminology and define the requirements or rules based on patterns, such as RuleSpeak®. Once this has been processed, we create clear, succinct documentation that provides a consistent and comprehensive business rules overview in the form of a PDF or Excel file or an interactive web portal. Depending on the client’s wishes, LibRT can create specifications for them to use or Silvie will train their employees so that they may proceed further themselves.

Nowadays, LibRT focuses on providing its business rules methodology services to organizations based in the Netherlands. The company’s founder, Silvie Spreeuwenberg, also holds training sessions, delivers talks, and writes for a number of scientific publications and columns as a means of sharing her expertise and experience in the field of business rules with the international community.
LibRT's VALENS is the industry's first independent product targeted at verifying and validating business rules. VALENS enables you to test rules on consistency, completeness and redundancy. Being the first company to put verification and validation on the agenda of the rules community, together with the fact that our projects are characterized by short lead times, has set LibRT apart from our competitors on an international level.
LibRT aims to work with the specialists on the client’s side and to involve them in the entire process as much as possible. This enables the specialists to write the requirements themselves and to ‘own’ the specifications, which delivers results that are much more advantageous for the client in the end. Besides our projects we provide training on business rules methodology, RuleSpeak and SBVR.