We transform policy into consistent and unambiguous rules for automated compliance, smart decisions, and intelligent forms.

automated compliance

We connect your policy with your operations. We do this to ensure agility and compliance using a rules approach, rule engine and data analytics.

Frits Bouma (DUO)

“When implementing new legislation, we used to update 12 different documents. Now we all use one single source.”

expert in business rules

Valuable knowledge and expertise should be available to all your stakeholders. Access should be given in a clear, consistent, unambiguous, and understandable way.

Freddie van Rijswijk (Isis Papyrus)

Business Actions need guidance but no straight-jacket. LibRT helped us to define a Rule Syntax that can be written and understood by business and ensures compliance.

precise specifications

The right wording, used consistently and based on good definitions is at the basis for formal semantics required for executable rules.

Arjen Reijneveld (TheHaque)

“The road authorities agreed to make traffic management as uniform as possible, LibRT helped us to agree on a common conceptual framework.”

on time delivery

More than 50 customers in government, finance, logistics and other domains have used our services and appreciated our timely delivery of specifications within a fixed price budget.

Marion Braams (RWS)

“Give them something complex and unorganized and in no time they find regularities that all stakeholders can easily agree on.”

Years in business
Completed projects
Trained professionals


We deliver a rule-based approach that works because we understand the kind of reasoning and representation needed for a domain or for your business, with the technology preferred by IT.



Part of my goal is to share my knowledge and to inspire others with my work. This means I take the time to write for a variety of different media.

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Silvie impressed me as an inspiring trainer who possesses a great deal of expertise on “Business Rules Modeling” and “application development”: two topics she currently pioneers in the Netherlands.
Petra Buurke - Jurist & Programmasecretaris Flexibiliseren, IND

LibRT’s expertise helped to eliminate ambiguity from the requirements of our many stakeholders. This resulted in satisfied users, a higher team morale and a reliable project-delivery timeline that exceeded my expectations.

Ronald Perluka - functioneel beheer, RWS
The specialists from LibRT are the best if you’re looking for a critique of your own work. They elaborate further than what our people can deal with, and enable them to learn how to do it themselves. In doing so, they take into account the nature of our organization and its employees.
Mechteld de Hooge - analyst, Ministry of Education
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