Silvie Spreeuwenberg is the specialist to optimize your decisions based on business rules and design an approach that guarentees compliance of your operational decisions with policy and regulations.

Each company has conditions in place that help it achieve its goals. Many of these conditions can be automated, but in order to do that successfully, the rules need to be comprehensive and consistent. Therefore, each and every one must be very precise, and that is what business rules management is all about. Automate your decisions, make them smarter using big data and artificial intelligence and efficient using the internet of things as sensor or communicator. It is all connected. That is why Silvie is also an alround IT professional for working with rule engines, as information analist or system architect. She works as trainer, facilitator, speaker, consultant and project manager.

As an entrepeneur
Silvie Spreeuwenberg started up her own company, LibRT, in 1998 as a result of my desire to create something. With LibRT, she helps clients draft business rules in the most efficient and effective way possible.

I started my own business so that I could have the freedom to develop and manage my own methodology. As I work with a diverse range of clients, I make sure that every new client will benefit from this expertise.

Another way I share my expertise is through product development. I was responsible for developing VALENS®, the first independent product targeted at verifying rules on logical correctness. Nowadays, I am product manager of RuleXpress, the first true business rules management tool for business rules.

As a trainer
Silvie Spreeuwenberg likes to be able to share my experiences with colleagues and clients alike.

This is why I have developed, over a period of seven years, a training session in which you can learn how to draw up business rules, and how you can coordinate these rules into a business.

The full training session lasts four days, but there are also variations on it that last two. More information on our training offering.

As a facilitator
At times, a client wishes to set up requirements, but there is no consensus on which direction this should take. In fact, the policy has yet to be defined.

In these instances, I have noticed that it is most beneficial for me to start the process with a group (from the client’s side) in order to achieve the best result.

At the end of the process, the participants often state that they did not expect to receive such broad support in such a short period of time, and to achieve a result that is so comprehensive.

As a speaker
Not everyone sits around waiting for the next thick book or scientific article to be published.

One way, I find, that I can reach a large audience with my ideas is by giving talks. For me, giving a talk is entirely different to giving a lecture.

In order to truly captivate my audience – whether it’s a group of twenty or two hundred people – I like to come up with a tale or joke, and I always take pleasure in relating my story. Even though I’m not what would be classified as a ‘professional speaker’ per se, I have, over the years, nurtured myself in the ways of public speaking.

As a specialist
Because of my extensive experience with business rules, Silvie Spreeuwenberg is often asked to help companies who are also active in this sector.

Taking on the role of an interim product manager or ‘information architect’, I work with them and provide advice in instances such as if a client intends to integrate a rule engine into their product.

Take booking flights via the Internet as an example. This is an intermediate product that can be widely used, yet individual airlines wish to integrate their own business rules into it. The same applies to accounting packages. These kind of business-to-business projects are a great pleasure for me because they demand excellence, and result in a well-functioning product. The benefit to my client is clear: they do not have to reinvent the wheel because they simply make use of my expertise and experience.

My Education
Silvie Spreeuwenberg has a master in Cognitive Artificial Intelligence from the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands. My thesis was about genetic algorithms and decision-trees supporting the selection of an automated breeding process. The challenge was to instill confidence in a statistical model of the breeding selection process, and to give an insight regarding the (generated) knowledge. This challenge is, to this day, a common thread running through her career.

I will be finishing a global Masters of Business Administration (MBA) at the Erasmus University in 2019.

More information about my projects can be found in the projects overview