2017 | Development of the rule based approach to traffic management

The approach tackles operational issues by disentangling problem detection, problem solution and conflict handling for each element in the road network. The solution is a multi agent system (MAS) Each element in the road network follows the same generic rules.

2017 | Business Rules Platform Nederland


The business rules platform Netherlands is an association for business rules professionals. Being the chair of the association I normally do not speak myself. This time however I presented together with Alex Smienk from the ministry of Infrastructure about the development of the rule based approach to traffic management.

2016 | Controlled Natural Language Workshop


Silvie Spreeuwenberg is invited for the opening keynote of the controlled natural language workshop in Aberdeen. I am not a human parser, I want software to understand what I write. I make this happen and it” s getting better. Read more:

2016 | LVMB


Specification of a new methodology (Landelijke Regelaanpak) for traffic management based on generic rules to request traffic services based on generalized traffic norms and policy restrictions. In collaboration with traffic management authorities (e.g. counties, provinces, or cities) in the Netherlands

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