2000 | Public Works and Water Management


Harvest business rules from documentation of a traffic management system. Goal is to re-design all business rules in a form that is declarative and easily understood by the business. Design a methodology to translate informal business specifications to formal rules. Important is that the formal business rules can be subject to a quality check and that a trace between informal specifications, formal specifications and implementation is always available.,Ministry of Transport

2000 | Griddle – internal project


Design of a rule induction tool in Aion. Rule induction is a form of data mining also called knowledge mining and searches for knowledge rules in a dataset. The difference with data mining is that data mining algorithms often result in models that are hard to interpret by humans. Knowledge mining aims to deliver a model containing explicit knowledge that can be understood and interpreted by humans.

1998 – 1999 | ASZ / Automation Social Security: InnoWW


Responsible for the analysis of three assessment components in AionDS in a large innovative system that deals with the social security legislation through the entire country of the Netherlands.

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