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LibRT offers public and in-house training and takes end-responsibility for product development. We offer fixed price assignments or may join your project team on a consulting basis.


LibRT offers a training program (ranging from 1 to 4 days) that combines theory with practice. Our program provides training in business rules approach, rule-authoring with SBVR, SMN & RuleSpeak, rule approach for traffic management, RuleXpress & FactXpress. All participants receive a verifiable certificate.

Eric Kramer - KLM

“LibRT organized a one-day training for the Architects of KLM/AirFrance. We really liked the interactive part of the training: by playing ‘the game of rules’ we got a deep understanding of what a Rule Engine offers and we assessed our own business case.”


Silvie Spreeuwenberg offers a distinctive style designed to help your subject-matter experts or uncontrolled delivery partners to formulate the essence of what needs to be done. This workshop will give you the assurance of things moving in the right direction.

Alex Smienk - RWS

“Road authorities have different systems and processes to realize their objectives. Silvie’s facilitating skills have helped us to find the commonality and collaborate more effectively.”

Strategy Development

Every business needs a method to fine-tune policy to operational decisions, and vice versa. At LibRT, we optimize your processes, craft a reasoning strategy based on logic, and select the best rule-format. We educate your business overall, and evaluate the resulting automated compliance.

Diederik Dulfer - DTCA

“Despite the use of rules technology, our agility was not good enough. LibRT helped us to reorganize and structure the rules so that policy changes have less impact and result in fewer rule changes.”

Analysis & assessment

Skip decision analytics. It’s not about what can be concluded from the data, but about reliable decisions that need to be made—and the data required in order to make them at an affordable price.

Guido van Humbeeck, CIO

“Big data and decision analytics should work for you, not the other way around. LibRT analyzes your decision-needs in order to define the big data you really need.”