As our projects occur across multiple domains, they have a broad and varied focus. Part of our expertise is the ability to quickly familiarise ourselves with a new domain. Below you will find an up-to-date overview of projects, publications and speaking engagements.




2002 | Dutch Transport and Water Management Inspectorate

Review of e-Government architecture and strategy. Market survey for business rules engine in combination with a generic business process and content management system for managing legislation. Business rules should be easily related to processes and legislation. Consultancy in development of a Business Case and creating a proof of concept.


2001-2002 | Port of Rotterdam

Review on the positioning of rules in the new architecture for the Port of Rotterdam. Implementation of a general framework in Aion that allows re-use of rules across multiple tasks. Analysis of rules related to security, dangerous goods, piloting and environment regulations and policies.




2004 | Experiences with Adapting a Test Case Generation Idea to Business Rules

R. Knauf, S. Spreeuwenberg, R. Gerrits, M. Jendreck, "A Step out of the Ivory Tower, Experiences with Adapting a Test Case Generation Idea to Business Rules", Proc. of 17th International Florida Artificial Intelligence Research Society Conference 2004 (FLAIRS-2004), Miami Beach, FL, USA, pp. 343-348, ISBN 1-57735-201-7, Menlo Park, CA: AAAI Press, 2004.,A Step out of the Ivory Tower