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As our projects occur across multiple domains, they have a broad and varied focus. Part of our expertise is the ability to quickly familiarise ourselves with a new domain. Below you will find an up-to-date overview of projects, publications and speaking engagements.


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2002 | Dutch Transport and Water Management Inspectorate

Review of e-Government architecture and strategy. Market survey for business rules engine in combination with a generic business process and content management system for managing legislation. Business rules should be easily related to processes and legislation. Consultancy in development of a Business Case and creating a proof of concept.


2001-2002 | Port of Rotterdam

Review on the positioning of rules in the new architecture for the Port of Rotterdam. Implementation of a general framework in Aion that allows re-use of rules across multiple tasks. Analysis of rules related to security, dangerous goods, piloting and environment regulations and policies.

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2005 | are there any or are they different?

Silvie Spreeuwenberg, Rik Gerrits, ‘Business Rules in the Semantic Web, are there any or are they different?’, Proceedings Industry Forum. ,Business Rules in the Semantic Web


2004 | Experiences with Adapting a Test Case Generation Idea to Business Rules

R. Knauf, S. Spreeuwenberg, R. Gerrits, M. Jendreck, "A Step out of the Ivory Tower, Experiences with Adapting a Test Case Generation Idea to Business Rules", Proc. of 17th International Florida Artificial Intelligence Research Society Conference 2004 (FLAIRS-2004), Miami Beach, FL, USA, pp. 343-348, ISBN 1-57735-201-7, Menlo Park, CA: AAAI Press, 2004.,A Step out of the Ivory Tower

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